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Compelling Reasons to Use Ipswich Building & Pest Inspections

7 reasons why customers prefer us:

1. A Local, Family Owned & Operated Business

Ipswich Building & Pest Inspections is a family owned and operated business located in Ipswich since 1989. Because we have 25 years experience in the area, in this industry, we deliver the most knowledgeable advice possible, saving you time and money.

2. Latest Technology

At Ipswich Building & Pest Inspections we utilise the latest technology including thermal imagery, moisture meters, Termatrac & Borescope technology. It’s important to keep up with technology and training and that’s always been a cornerstone of our business.

3. Licensed Builder

Chris Mason is a BSA licensed builder. This means that if remediation or repair work is required, we can provide that in a time efficient and cost effective way.

4. Deal with the owner

Chris Mason is the owner of Ipswich Building & Pest Inspections. He is the one who will inspect your property. He brings a wealth of experience to the inspection and will often find and report on more issues than other inspection companies with employed staff. Chris has built homes in Ipswich and owns investment properties there. With decades of experience Chris Mason will give you the facts without any hesitation or reservation.

5. Extra Thorough Termite Inspections

A termite inspection is a visual inspection only, carried out by a qualified and experienced technician. All timbers throughout the premises are inspected including roof void & subfloor (where possible) tree stumps fences & retaining walls, etc around the perimeter of the home/building within a 50-metre radius, where applicable. We go way beyond the usual checklist for inspections and utilise our experience and technology to discover termites if they are in fact on the property.

6. We arrive on time

We understand your time is valuable and respect that. In fact it’s a promise we back up with our money. If you book a call with us, and we fail to show, we will pay you $150 per day until we do show up.

7. After sales service

We offer after sales service. Many of our customers will call us months or years later to ask us for an opinion about an aspect of their property. We offer this as a free service to our customers.


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